Business Self Storage Southampton

Fox Self Storage were pioneers when it came to introducing people to the world of self storage.  Way back in 1974 we build one of the first facilities in the country, allowing our clients to store their furniture and effects there in a safe and secure environment.  Since then we have opened self storage facilities all over the country, helping thousands and thousands of people store their belongings for as long as they want.  We help business owners free up office space, students store their belongings between digs and homeowners store their effects between house sales.  We really have conducted every type of move possible.

That is why we have opened a new self storage branch in Southampton, so we can cater for the demand in business storage in the area.  We are situated on Brunel Road on the Calmore Industrial Estate in Totton, just 13 minutes from the centre of the city along the A33.  By train we are only slightly longer, around an 18 minute train journey from the city centre so we are central to all businesses within the city.

It is for this very reason that we have so many business clients that we help on a daily basis in Southampton.  They choose our Business Storage Southampton Service because we offer them the chance to free up valuable storage space for a variety of reasons.  Businesses trust us because we offer 24-hour security and CCTV on our premises and the facilities are fully covered with fire alarms for added protection.  However valuable your effects may be they will always be safe and secure on our premises.

Businesses trust us because of the following reasons:

  • We house their over flow stock, keeping it in a safe place until needed.
  • We archive their important papers and documents and can quote for racking if need be.
  • We allow business to expand by allowing more office space for them.
  • We also provide seasonal storage for businesses so we can keep your effects dry and safe in the cold winter months.
  • For high value machinery and tools we offer a secure and 100% protected environment for added peace of mind to the business owner.
  • We free-up worktop space for businesses by storing unused tools and machinery.
  • For those businesses that have showrooms we can store the older models and designs for you when new ones are delivered.

We will always have units available for our business customers in Southampton.  What’s more we offer a quick and hassle free process for you with straightforward rental agreements for all of our clients.  Unlike other companies we will only ever charge you for the storage you personally use and we also offer insurance cover if needed.  Our Business Storage Southampton Service is really that easy.

Interested?  Then why not give one of our dedicated advisers a call today on 023 8042 8559 and they will be only too happy to help.

If you want to understand what size storage you need then use our online booking service to see which storage unit fits your needs