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Why do I need insurance?

Self storage insurance is a crucial component of safeguarding your belongings when using self-storage facilities. Whilst Fox Self Storage facilities have implemented security measures like CCTV cameras, unit access controls, along with intruder and fire alarms, we cannot not cover the replacement or repair of your stored items in an unlikely event such as fire, theft, or natural disasters.

Self storage insurance provides you with peace of mind by offering financial protection for your possessions. Whether you’re storing furniture, electronics, or valuable collectibles, having the right insurance ensures that you can recover the value of your items should the unexpected occur. It’s a smart choice for anyone using self-storage, as it helps protect your assets and adds an extra layer of security to your stored goods.

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How do I calculate the amount of insurance I need?

To work out the level of insurance cover, you first need to consider what you will be storing in your unit. Be aware this may change over time and this is another reason to take insurance with your storage provider so you can change your level of insurance easily when you add or take large items out of your unit. Once you have decided what it is you are going to store, you need to calculate what it would cost to replace all those items – not what they are worth, but the cost to replace them.

While we hope you never have to claim, the purpose of insurance is to protect your belongings and yourself in the case of an incident. If you under insure, you will not receive the full replacement value of your belongings should you need to claim. You may not even receive the full amount of your insurance cover if it is found you have under-insured. For example, if a small number of your belongings in the unit get damaged and you claim on your insurance for the full amount as this is what it would cost you to replace those few items, the insurance company can reject the claim and only give back a proportion due to the under-insurance of your belongings.

Why choose Fox Self Storage?

When choosing a personal self storage facility, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Security as standard for your peace of mind

  • CCTV

    All our facilities have security cameras throughout the property that monitor activity 24/7. This allows for quick response to any incidents and also serves as a deterrent to potential thieves.

  • On Site Staff

    Fox Self Storage have on-site staff at all locations during our opening hours. This helps to prevent unauthorised access and also provide a level of customer service and support for renters.

  • Perimeter Fencing

    We have provided strong, secure perimiter fencing around most of our facilities, this acts as another deterrant and provided an additional layer of security.

  • Intruder Alarms

    All Fox Self Storage properties have monitored intruder and fire alarms, we are notified immediately if anything triggers them.