Self Storage When Travelling Abroad

Fox Self Storage were one of the first companies to offer facilities to people to store their belongings for a variety of reasons.  Back in 1971 we began helping people move home and business and then in 1974 we built our first facility enabling people to store their furniture and effects at our premises.  Since then we have grown and grown and helped thousands upon thousands of our clients move and store their belongings.  We have opened up premises all over the country to help with our clients removal and storage needs.  So whether you are a home owner moving between houses, a business needing extra space or a student moving between digs, then we are able to help you.

We also help a great number of people who have decided to take a break from the rat race and go travelling.  Whenever people decide to take a year out and go on their great adventure they often worry about how they are going to store their belongings safely and securely.  If this is you then we are here to help.

Fox Self Storage offers safe and secure storage solutions for our clients, offering peace of mind that their effects are going to be 100% protected whilst they embark on their big adventure.  We can offer storage solutions that are tailored to your requirements because we have a range of unit sizes to suit everyone and we are flexible about how long you want them for.

Whilst away you can be assured that your belongings are kept safe in our 100% protected facilities.  CCTV covers every area of the premises and we have 24-hour security on site with fire alarms.  Only you can access your unit and you can access your belongings as many times as you like during opening hours.

We have a team of dedicated staff who will be only too happy to help you through the storage process.  We can offer you packing materials, such as bubble wrap and boxes, to store your effects safely.  Trolleys are available to make the process easier for you and our storage times range from short to long term.  So however long you intend to go travelling for we will have a storage option to suit you.

So whilst you are on embarking on your great adventure let us look after you effects so that you can have the time of your life.