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Why Use us

Top Five Reasons To Use Self Storage.

Fox Self Storage is both flexible and economical and it is becoming more and more popular every year. The reason that it is becoming more popular is because the room that we actually have available to us as a nation is outgrowing the space that we need for our belongings. However people’s reasons for needing self-storage vary from person to person. Below are some of the main reasons why our customers need our self-storage services.

1. Moving Home:

When people move home they often find that the property they are moving to is either not ready yet or that they cannot move everything in one go.  This is where Fox Self Storage can really help.  People simply do not have the time or the resources to move the entire contents of their home and store them somewhere until they next need them.  Our units are available for short and long-term periods but you will never be tied into an agreement.  You can rent the unit for the amount of time that you need it and only pay for the storage space that you take up.  It is an excellent solution to your storage needs when moving home.  So with Fox Self Storage it need not be one of the most stressful periods in your life.

2. Home or Business Expansions:

Many people are finding that they simply cannot afford to move home or business premises and so have decided to expand to capture the extra space vitally needed to run their everyday lives.  If you are extending your property then you will need to move your belongings to a safe and secure environment rather than work around them.  Using Fox Self Storage during your extension helps protect your possessions.

3. Business Purposes:

Often people think that self-storage is just for domestic customers but in recent years business customers have been using self-storage more and more.  We believe that this is largely due to start-up businesses using self-storage to cut costs when they are developing their business.  Other business use self-storage simply to gain extra space because using our services is cheaper than expanding a business or shop.  Some businesses are located in such built-up areas that they simply cannot expand their business.  For these business customers our self-storage facilities are very important.  Self-storage frees up valuable office space at times when you are rotating stock, be it seasonal or promotional items.  We also offer self-storage to business owners working from home who need space outside the home to accommodate their stock.

4. Off Travelling:

If you are lucky enough to be travelling around the world for a period of time then you may need to store your belongings somewhere safe until your return.  Self-storage is ideal for those of you travelling for a couple of months through to a couple of years because our services are flexible and they do not tie you down to an agreement.  Self-storage also means that you do not have to give away any of your belongings because you don’t have the room to store them anywhere.  All of your belongings will be available to you upon your return.

5. Student Storage:

Parents and students alike hate the prospect of having to transport all of the effects that they have in their student digs.  Between terms students have to move their electrical goods, books, clothes and other belongings home until their new digs are available.  This means transporting these effects sometimes hundreds of miles between terms if you study hundreds of miles from home.  Self-storage offers students the chance to store their effects in a safe and secure environment whilst they are between student accommodations.