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Student Storage


Student Self Storage

With many universities requiring students to vacate their rooms during the holiday seasons, having to transport PCs, laptops, furniture, books, clothes and electronic equipment back and forth can be a real pain – both for students and parents alike!

Recognising this situation, Fox Self Storage now provides a range of low-cost services specially designed to assist students on the move.

Our facilities in Cardiff, Cwmbran, Newport, Southampton and Stourbridge all offer the following solutions:

  • FREE collection service, so you’ll have more money for important things like books (and beer)…
  • Personal lockers from just £5 per week…
  • Lock up units for both single and shared use…
  • Convenient bag drop service for just £2 per item, per week…
  • National removal services available.
  • Worldwide shipping services available.

With our handy Student Storage service, you’ll no longer have to put up with those exhausting train journeys with 8 rucksacks on your back. And the parents won’t have to make 6 trips every year just to ferry their child’s possessions back and forth!