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Packing Materials


Packing Materials

If you are moving from one home to another or are moving home but need to store your belongings you need packing materials to make the transporting and storing of your effects as simple as possible. We have an array of packing materials to ensure that your goods are kept safe and secure whilst on our premises or in transit. Below are some of the packing materials that we sell to allow you to store your effects securely.

Cardboard Boxes:

Fox Self Storage only use durable cardboard boxes of the highest quality. They offer great protection to your belongings and are designed so that they stack well. Our boxes come in a range of sizes from the very small through to the extra large and they all have handholds, ensuring that they are easy to carry around. Our cardboard boxes become flat pack once more when they are emptied so that they can be used time and time again, essential for the environment. Plus our boxes are made of 70% recycled materials in the first place. Our range of boxes includes small boxes, ideal for books through to large wardrobe cartons to hang all of your clothes in. We even have a pet carrier for your beloved pet, we really have thought of it all.

Bubble Wrap & Packaging:

To keep all of your belongings safe and secure within the cardboard boxes we sell a range of bubble wrap and other safety items such as polystyrene chips. We offer packing paper and cotton webbing, ensuring that your effects are stored safely at all times.

Furniture Covers:

We have a range of coverings for your furniture from mattress covers through to settee covers and dustsheets. Maybe you are storing furniture for a while or just whilst you redecorate, our furniture covers come in all shapes and sizes to make sure that your furniture it kept as protected as possible.

Padlocks & Plastic Crates:

We sell different size padlocks for that extra protection for all of your belongings and plastic crates to keep them from any potential damage.