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Household Decluttering

Ever feel as though you need more space in your home? It is a fact that homes in the UK are getting smaller and smaller and we just don’t have the room to store all of our belongings anymore. Often people feel that their homes are too cluttered and desperately need the extra space. This is where Fox Self Storage’s Decluttering Service can help you. We can rid your home of the clutter, allowing you to reclaim your space and put it to better use. We are a nation of hoarders and the minimalist look is now all the rage. Many people adopt the Feng Shui attitude to their living environment and the clutter only brings negativity to the essence of the room.

Since the economic downturn many people are extending their current properties, which means going into the loft for an extra bedroom. Therefore you have no attic space to store your belongings. Your items may be sentimental to you so you don’t want to give them to the charity shop and you certainly do not want to throw them away. Therefore the answer to your problem is Fox Self Storage’s Decluttering Service.

Our self-storage units are ideal for keeping your treasured belongings safe and secure and the perfect way for you to declutter your home. You can rent your unit for however long you want to and we don’t have any minimum terms for storage.

The testimonials from our customers speak volumes about the way we conduct our business and the level of service we provide to each and every customer. We are flexible and you can access your unit whenever you want to during opening hours. We only ever charge you for the amount of storage that your belongings take up.
We can provide you with a no obligation free quotation. So start decluttering your home today and open up space that is desperately needed for you and your family. Your possessions will be safe with us but out from under your feet.

We have branches in many locations throughout the UK so simply give us a call today. We are a family run business that has over forty years experience in the removals and storage industry and have therefore helped thousands of homeowners declutter their homes on a daily basis.