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Fox Self Storage have been assisting people with their storage needs for an array of reasons. Some people have sold their home but the moving date for their new property is in the near future. Others are moving home and want to free-up some space so that their home does not look so cluttered to potential buyers. Whatever your reason for needing storage is, Fox Self Storage can help you. Below are some prime examples of how we have helped individuals with their storage needs, offering storage units from 16sqft to 200sqft in size.

Household Storage:

We offer self storage for households for a variety of reasons. Sometimes a house sale does not go according to plan and you require temporary storage for your household effects. Our services offer you flexibility at one of the most stressful times in your life; you can have all the benefits of a first time buyer with our storage solutions.

Perhaps you are showing potential buyers around your home and you are worried about the clutter in your home creating a bad first impression. Problem solved with our storage units because they can be rented for a short period of time, helping you clinch that house sale first time.

Maybe you are a secret hoarder who simply cannot bear to throw anything away but really need extra space now. Or perhaps you invested in some fabulous garden furniture in the warm summer months but have to store it somewhere safe for the cold winter months to avoid permanent damage.

We even offer storage solutions to households completing renovation work. If you need somewhere to store your family’s effects whilst the builders are in then we can help. Your furniture will be kept clean and safe for however long you want it to be there because we are always flexible in regards to our terms and unit sizes.

Households around the country use our self storage units for a variety of reasons so if you are in desperate need for storage look no further than Fox Self Storage.

Moving Abroad?

If you are lucky enough to be moving abroad or going travelling you need to be safe in the knowledge that your effects are going to be stored safely until your return. You may be renting your home out whilst you go travelling or you may have actually sold up and decided to leave the country for good to begin a new life abroad.

Whatever you situation is you can store your effects on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis, we are that flexible. Also because our facilities are fully secure with CCTV and 24 security you can go travelling knowing that your belongings are going to be safe and secure the entire time you are way, however long that may be.

Container Storage:

Our container storage service is a comprehensive door-to-door containerised removals service. We understand that your belongings are very important to you and so you need to know that they are secure at all times until you need them next. Our storage containers allow your effects to be loaded straight into them, sealed and transported to your new home. There is no double handling involved so the risks of your effects being damaged or broken are greatly reduced. Your belongings are moved by forklift in our purpose built containers, safe and secure the entire time. It is convenient and efficient for our clients and it offers 100% protection to their most treasured possessions.

Student Storage:

Being a student can bring with it many storage problems, especially as the end of term looms. Clothes, furniture, books, computers and other essential items have to be transported back home whilst you move student digs. However with our student storage service this nightmare can be completed avoided for both yourself and your parents.
We offer storage solutions for a couple of small suitcases through to the entire contents of your room over the summer months.
If you decide to take a gap year we can also offer you our student storage services because we will have a unit just for you that can be rented for the entire year.

Fox Self Storage can help individuals with all of their self storage needs. We are a family run business operating for over forty years so we are a company that you can rely on and entrust with your worldly possessions. We have storage units ranging from 16sqft to 200sqft in size in branches throughout the UK. You can locate us in Cardiff, Newport, Cwmbran, Stourbridge and Southampton. Simply call us today and let one of our advisers begin assisting you with your storage needs.