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Packing Materials for Business

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Packing Materials for Business Use

Fox Self Storage makes storage simple for your business because we have a range of packing materials available to keep your business effects safe and secure. We always take customer feedback on board to develop essential packing materials for your business needs. We ensure that you have everything that your business requires to store your goods effectively.

Storage Boxes:

Our storage boxes come in a range of sizes to accommodate all of your business effects. We have small boxes, which are ideal for your files, books, and paperwork that need storing. We also supply larger boxes for larger items such as electrical goods and office furniture, along with computer boxes for all of the office PC’s. Our boxes are durable and tough and we only ever use the highest quality cardboard to keep your belongings safe and secure. The cardboard is designed so that your belongings never fall through the bottom of the box, so they are safe in transit and storage. All of our boxes have handholds for easy lifting and have a printed section allowing you to detail what is inside and where it is to go in your new office.

Protective Packaging:

Your business effects are often very valuable so we provide bubble wrap for the larger electrical items that you want to transport, available in many different sizes. We offer furniture protectors for your office furniture that needs to be stored along with dustsheets. Acid free tissue paper can protect any glassware you have and polystyrene chips keep your fragile items free from any damage by filling all voids inside the box. We offer corrugated card and cotton webbing along with jet wraps.


Fox Self Storage offers a wide range of accessories to make your office move go with ease. We have marker pens for the storage boxes and many different tapes designed to keep your belongings safe.

All of our packing materials are a worthwhile investment when moving office because they help to keep items safe from damage whilst in transit and storage. They can be used again and again and are value for money.