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Commercial Document Shredding Services

Fox Self Storage have been helping our clients with their removal and storage needs for the past four decades, you could say that we are experts in the business.  There is no area of the business that we don’t excel at and our clients’ testimonies speak volumes about the way that we carry out every removal and storage affair.  Ever since we started back in 1971 we have exceeded expectations and we are proud to help both home owners and businesses throughout the country with their removal and storage needs.

Businesses speak highly of the services that we have offered them, one such service is Commercial Document Shredding.  Fox Self Storage understands that large and small commercial businesses need to keep records for a certain number of years before they can be officially destroyed.  Personal records have to be kept for a minimum of seven years after a person has left employment and invoices have to be kept for a minimum of six years.  Even record books have to be kept for three years, taking up valuable space in the office.

Therefore we have offered an archive storage service for businesses, large and small, for decades.  However we also offer a commercial shredding service for businesses once the period of time has elapsed and you can legally shred all relevant documents.  Businesses find this service irreplaceable because they have peace of mind that their documents are archived in a safe and secure environment before it is time to legally dispose of them.

The archive service frees up office space for businesses and know that when the time comes to shred the documents it is all in hand and taken care of by ourselves.

We have some big household names that swear by our commercial shredding service and use the service time and time again.  If you feel that your office could benefit from our commercial shredding service then simply call one of our self storage branches.  One of our dedicated advisers will be happy to take your call and discuss the service with you in more depth.  Find the nearest branch to you below: