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Businesses often find that their premises are cluttered with stock and are desperate for extra room. Others find that their paperwork is taking over their office space when it really needs to be archived away off the office floor. Perhaps your business really needs a distribution hub to really allow it to expand to its full potential. Fox Self Storage can help you with every business storage need that your business if suffering from. We are flexible, affordable and secure offering peace of mind to every business owner. We have locations throughout the UK offering easy access to your office belongings whenever you need them. You can find us at Cardiff, Cwmbran, Newport, Stourbridge, Bristol and Southampton.

Our business self storage premises are the equivalent to an extra office just around the corner from you. Our self storage units range from 16sqft through to 200sqft so we will always have a unit that best suits your needs. Your effects will always be completely secure in our premises because they are protected with 24 CCTV with perimeter fencing. All branches are also fitted out with intruder and fire alarms so that your business effects are completely protected. Remember only registered key holders can access your business effects so they are always safe and secure in our storage environment.

Businesses require storage solutions for a number of reasons and Fox Self Storage are always on hand with the answer. Below are some of the reasons that businesses need the services of Fox Self Storage and our solution to your business storage needs.

Business Stock Storage:

Businesses always need extra storage space for stock that they require for the running of their day-to-day business. However the problem for businesses always seems to be where can they store it securely. Some businesses need to expand and need the extra space or are relocating to another part of town and need somewhere to temporarily store their business stock. If you are unsure how much business storage you will need then simply contact us and discuss this with one of our advisers.

Businesses sometimes need seasonal stock and therefore they need to store it securely until they need it next time. Fox Self Storage have helped thousands of businesses store their seasonal stock in all of our branches. We make sure that you need never miss a sale because you have had to order less stock due to limited space. Our self storage units allow you to store your stock in an organised and safe manner, ensuring that your business expands and thrives on the stock storage options that we offer.

Document Shredding:

Our document shredding service is very popular with all of our business clients. They all understand that identity theft is on the increase and no one wants their business to be become the next victim. The National Fraud Authority estimates that £2.7billion of ID fraud is committed in the UK every year, affecting 1.8million individuals and businesses. Fox Self Storage is committed to offering businesses a solution to this very worrying but ever present occurrence.

Our document shredding service is imperative for some businesses. Documentation has to be legally kept for a certain period of time and Fox Self Storage ensure that your documents can be safely destroyed after this period of time has elapsed. All businesses can be rest assured that their highly confidential information is destroyed in a safe and secure environment when you use Fox Self Storage’s document shredding service, used time and time again by businesses across the UK.

Archive & Document Storage:

Fox Self Storage have been offering our business clients our archive and document storage service so that businesses can de-clutter their offices and reclaim valuable office space, essential for them to expand. We house office paperwork and confidential work records along with essential documentation that has to be kept for a number of years. Personnel records have to be kept for seven years and invoices for six years. Accident books and customer correspondence have to be kept for three years. Minutes from boardroom and committee meetings have to be kept for the lifespan of the business, all equating to a lot of documentation that your business has to store under one roof.

Fox Self Storage offers businesses the opportunity to have an off site storage facility that is totally safe and secure with fire and intruder alarms throughout. Each facility is equipped with 24 hour CCTV and security for your peace of mind.
If at any time you would like to retrieve any documentation we can easily assist you with this. Make us aware of what documentation you need and we can swiftly retrieve your storage box and arrange a time to conveniently deliver it to your business premises. A fantastic business service from start to finish.

Fox Self Storage has been offering business storage solutions to their clients for many years. Some household names have used our services and recommend us to others. We are a family run business that has over forty years experience in the removals and storage industry. Contact us today to find out how Fox Self Storage can begin helping your business with their storage needs.